Take It All Away-

There have been times in my life when I stood outside without making a sound. The scenery is just amazing no matter where you go here. If you stand still, eventually the wildlife will start to return. The birds will start landing around you. Being in the right spot at the right time takes a little ingenuity too, you have to be down wind. Just lick a finger or pay attention to the leaves and which way they are blowing. Being downwind of deer will increase your chance of seeing them. Nothing with 4 legs to look at? Look at this amazing creation. There are places across this country that’s nothing but long stretches of flat land. Doesn’t look like nothing much out there but a bunch of field mice and gophers. At one time, the great plains here was covered with buffalo. Animals for miles in one herd, so loud the ground shook if they broke into a run. Millions of them. Where did they go? They went to the same place the carrier pigeon went to. There were times in America when the skies were blackened by the immense size of just one flock. It too was miles in depth, width, and height. Millions of birds in one flock. Where did they go? Man has changed the history of what animals survive and which ones go extinct. To some extent, we are all responsible for our environment. In the appalachian mountains during the great depression and after, the wild life was hunted out. Eventually through land management and opening of land through mining, the wildlife made a comeback in E. Ky. My 1st intent with this post is to get attention on our national parks and monuments. These places are a gold mine. They allow us to see and experience the beauty and majesty of our great country. With a little pre planning and enginuity, these places will take it all away.

Sometimes we as adults go somewhere else to take it all away. There is no worse a feeling than to think you are alone and no one cares. Some of us have been there. Some of us are getting there. Some of us are still there. We search for something to fill that time and hurt, hobbies, friends, social media, alcohol, drugs. Some of us look in places where we should not look, but that doesn’t mean your life is not important. If we think we are insignificant to everything around us, we lose hope. That is something you don’t want to lose. If you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be, change it. I can not express enough how chemicals, no matter what they are, change your emotions and thinking. They cause paranoia and delusions. You lose your memory and the passing of time. Depressants make you lose hope. You just want to feel normal. Alcohol just dulls your happiness and depresses your body function. It eventually brings anger and depression. Drugs bring a host of problems on its own such as, how do I fund it? That scene is not cheap to do. Sometimes we come to the end of our ropes and we choose to end it anyways. By our own hands. Really? I hate to say this but it just means you have defeated yourself. I understand you may be at a place in life where there is no will to go on, but there is a reason to do just that. This too shall pass, sooner or later. We have no idea what impact we may have to someone else who will really need it later on. My 2nd intent was to tell people to don’t lose hope. Things change, everything does in ways.

I choose not to let these things define me. I may not have long to go or I may live another 25 years, who knows. Only God knows, but I am not going to give up. No matter where I am or what I have to do, I am not giving up. I may as well go on because that’s the only place I have left to go. To go on. If by the passing of time the wisdom I have gained is to stay with me in vain, then let it be. To be happy in this life does not mean you have to be happy all the time, just be at peace. Find happiness where you are, because that’s who is truly happy. Be at peace. You are where you need to be at that moment, leave people with a smile. Then go somewhere special…

And try to take it all away..

The buzz..

Oh the sea, so much no one has seen.

The attraction of water.

The sparkling scene of serenity. The warm rays of sunshine on your skin. The soft swash of water against the hull. The breeze softly pushing you somewhere you’ve never been and cooling you at the same time. A porpoise surfacing a 100 yards away to see what’s in his neighborhood. The slow rock of serenity as I pass across this expanse of water. When I was growing up, I lived on the outskirts of a town called Panama City, Fl. I lived in a little quaint sleepy town called Lynn Haven, Fla. Living next to the water was my life. My stepfather got me into swimming on a swim team and that’s what I did for 7 years. At the end of my swimming career as a child, I was swimming 6 miles a day Monday through Friday, and 8 miles on saturday. I found my first love here in many ways, one was water.

I loved the water. I took senior life saving. You can not drown with me nearby. I still have a fear of water and after about 30 seconds submerged, I’m thinking about air. My specialty was moving through it on my back. Once I learned how to cut the water underwater on my back blowing a steady stream of air out my nose to keep water out, I became fast. I got comfortable. My lungs became large enough to make it to the other end of the pool without air, upside down. I loved the flips to return to the start line. I would keep 2 feet of water between me and the surface and not start the actual stroke until over half way back to the wall. Within 4-6 strokes, I was at the wall.

If there was anywhere on earth I would like to go and retire, I believe on the water is it. I know how to sail, thanks to my step father Franz. I am sure there is a sailboat out there large enough that 1 person can sail (Automated rope pulls) and make it around the coast of N. America. Nothing entices me more than having a large body of water between me and the rest of the world. From dust and ashes we may have come, and to dust and ashes is where we go after this, but here today I would like to be on the water where I can soak.

May all of you find your peace in life..


I agree with her totally. This person stated humility so well.

Soothes the Soul

img_7552Over the weekend, the wind really blew. I’m talking a feel the house shake kind of blowing. It’s spring, it’s to be expected really. Now living in a rural area full of trees, power outages and wind storms go hand in hand. It’s seldom avoidable.

What I didn’t realize until this morning however was that we have had not one but two wind events recently and both times somehow, I’ve managed to escape without loss of power. That’s a pretty spectacular thing really. The lights never even dimmed. Someone did some amazing work clearing right of way areas for the power company.

I also noticed something else. I’m so quick to sigh, utter, and even groan when the power does go out. “How long will I be inconvenienced by this unforeseeable problem, is almost always…

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English painting of words

When I was in college, I had an English professor tell the whole class to turn in a paragraph for the first homework assignment. He wanted a descriptive style paragraph. He also stated that you can’t use the same word in every sentence and have the paragraph make sense. Well, here goes. Here where I sit.

It’s early for the sunrise to start. I sit in my living room with my windows open, waiting for the sun to touch me. Rays of warmth and kindness are only part of what comes from sunlight. Stay in it to long and the light from the sun will burn you. The sun is not discriminating with its light, all feel it’s majesty and power. It shows no favoritism in warm rays of light, sunlight bathes all who stare at it. It spreads its sunny light through my heart when it breaks the over the ridge. It spreads it’s rays across my furniture and me with it’s warm kiss of sun rays. Another day has been given to me, this absorber of sunlight. Another magnificent sunny day.

The sun ☀️

Hope you have a sunny day 😎


First, I would like to give Holly Anomaly credit for opening up a door I was debating on opening myself. I have passed through the many feelings and faces of grief. I say faces, because what you show on the outside is not what you are feeling on the inside. I have asked the hard questions like what if, and mostly why. I have seen the memories pass and wondered if I would have heard her hit the floor and started CPR sooner, would she still be here. You see, my mother had a massive heart attack in the room next to me and because I was on the computer with headphones in, I did not hear her fall. I have always asked what if. I know cpr and it may have been different. Would she still be her today? I can not turn back time, but I know what to look for in the future. Today, is just another day.

Rats, research and the road to new therapies

I suffer from an auto-immune disease called granulomatosis with polyangiitis. I have survived two years now. I would jump at the chance to be the new lab rat. #theycaughtmineearly #stickitinmybonemarrow

The Stem Cellar

Don Reed

Don Reed has been a champion of CIRM even before there was a CIRM. He’s a pioneer in pushing for funding for stem cell research and now he’s working hard to raise awareness about the difference that funding is making.

In a recent article on Daily Kos, Don highlighted one of the less celebrated partners in this research, the humble rat.

A BETTER RAT? Benefit #62 of the California Stem Cell Agency

By Don C. Reed

When I told my wife Gloria I was writing an article about rats, she had several comments, including: “Oo, ugh!” and also “That’s disgusting!”

Obviously, there are problems with rats, such as
when they chew through electrical wires, which may cause a short circuit
and burn down the house. Also, they are blamed for carrying diseased
fleas in their ears and spreading the Black Plague, which in 1340 killed
half of…

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