The buzz..

Oh the sea, so much no one has seen.

The attraction of water.

The sparkling scene of serenity. The warm rays of sunshine on your skin. The soft swash of water against the hull. The breeze softly pushing you somewhere you’ve never been and cooling you at the same time. A porpoise surfacing a 100 yards away to see what’s in his neighborhood. The slow rock of serenity as I pass across this expanse of water. When I was growing up, I lived on the outskirts of a town called Panama City, Fl. I lived in a little quaint sleepy town called Lynn Haven, Fla. Living next to the water was my life. My stepfather got me into swimming on a swim team and that’s what I did for 7 years. At the end of my swimming career as a child, I was swimming 6 miles a day Monday through Friday, and 8 miles on saturday. I found my first love here in many ways, one was water.

I loved the water. I took senior life saving. You can not drown with me nearby. I still have a fear of water and after about 30 seconds submerged, I’m thinking about air. My specialty was moving through it on my back. Once I learned how to cut the water underwater on my back blowing a steady stream of air out my nose to keep water out, I became fast. I got comfortable. My lungs became large enough to make it to the other end of the pool without air, upside down. I loved the flips to return to the start line. I would keep 2 feet of water between me and the surface and not start the actual stroke until over half way back to the wall. Within 4-6 strokes, I was at the wall.

If there was anywhere on earth I would like to go and retire, I believe on the water is it. I know how to sail, thanks to my step father Franz. I am sure there is a sailboat out there large enough that 1 person can sail (Automated rope pulls) and make it around the coast of N. America. Nothing entices me more than having a large body of water between me and the rest of the world. From dust and ashes we may have come, and to dust and ashes is where we go after this, but here today I would like to be on the water where I can soak.

May all of you find your peace in life..

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