English painting of words

When I was in college, I had an English professor tell the whole class to turn in a paragraph for the first homework assignment. He wanted a descriptive style paragraph. He also stated that you can’t use the same word in every sentence and have the paragraph make sense. Well, here goes. Here where I sit.

It’s early for the sunrise to start. I sit in my living room with my windows open, waiting for the sun to touch me. Rays of warmth and kindness are only part of what comes from sunlight. Stay in it to long and the light from the sun will burn you. The sun is not discriminating with its light, all feel it’s majesty and power. It shows no favoritism in warm rays of light, sunlight bathes all who stare at it. It spreads its sunny light through my heart when it breaks the over the ridge. It spreads it’s rays across my furniture and me with it’s warm kiss of sun rays. Another day has been given to me, this absorber of sunlight. Another magnificent sunny day.

The sun ☀️

Hope you have a sunny day 😎

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