Coffee ?

Almost all of us are addicted to that magical dark brown liquid swirling deep inside that cup.

A driving force for a taste that delivers a needed dose of caffeine. Maybe addicted is to strong a word for this craving. Maybe we could label it a strong need of some type. A desire. Short and sweet, but not actually the effect I was looking for. “Don’t want to start my day without” it would be a better description.
Just like all the other addictions we find ourselves into, coffee has a component in it which is described using words. This component using chemical engineering words to describe it is called caffeine. The “feine” part of caffiene denotes its class of crystal structure. Intresting to note are other names that fall into that same class. Morphine, grammamine, heroin (oh so close because it is derived from morphine), and nicotine are all in this same class. At least coffee is mellow in its consumption. I dont see me injecting it with a needle, but a couple hangovers has caused the thought to cross my mind.

We can be addicted to just about anything. If coffee is my addiction, let it be warm and brown swirling deep in my cup. Today is going to be a good day.

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